Review: Chill Factor by Sandra Brown

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I found another Sandra Brown I just had to read and this one I really loved! The others were great novels, but one really blew me away. Chill Factor opens with Tierney walking away from the graves of five women. A storm of huge portions is about to hit the mountainside he is walking and he's eager to get away from the graves.

My Rating: ❀'s
Genre: Romantic Suspense 

And what killer wouldn't be eager to remove himself from the vicinity of the graves of his victims with a huge winter storm heading his way? But the next time we see Tierney, and start to learn more about him, it seems odd that he is the killer of these women. You think, he could be, but is he? It's a question that plagued me throughout the novel because I simply couldn't believe that he was. He seemed cast in the role of the hero after all. But knowing that Sandra Brown loves twists and turns, I couldn't entirely rule him out. And that made me uncomfortable and nervous as I listened to this novel.

What also worried me was that of the cast of characters in this novel, there was a good handful that I could also see being the killer. Lilly's ex-husband was unstable and even though he was a police officer, it didn't seem out of the realm of possibility. Wes was hiding something and he was such an ass, so self important that I hated him right from the get go. His son Scott also seemed a possibility, and that saddened me because I felt sorry for him. Then, there was Marilee's lover--unnamed and therefore, suspect. I was gripped from page one till the end and while some of the characters were awful people, I was caught up in every one of them and what was happening in their lives even while I wondered about who the killer was, and where he might be.

The killer surprised me. I can't say more than that because I'd hate to spoil anything for anyone looking forward to reading this novel. But I will say, I had no idea it was the person it turned out to be, and I certainly didn't see things unfolding as they did. Which I suppose is a good thing because it wouldn't be all that suspenseful if I could figure out and I've yet to do that when reading a Sandra Brown novel. She is a master at spinning a mystery and I am addicted to her novels.

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