Review: Friction by Sandra Brown

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How to review this author....she's pretty awesome. I knew that, because she's hugely popular and many of my friends enjoy her work. But I wasn't expecting to be so sucked in. I wasn't expecting such heat.

My Rating: ❀'s
Genre: Romantic Suspense
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I was immediately drawn into the story because I wanted desperately to know if Crawford would back custody of his four year daughter. I was so quickly invested in this because it was obvious her grandparents contestation of his custody was based on purely selfish reasons. And then, I became more invested because of everything that happened in that courthouse, and the aftermath.

The aftermath being both good and bad. Crawford's suddenly embroiled in a mystery, when the case should been open and shut, but it's quickly becoming apparent that this crazed shooting is anything but open and shut. He's also inadvertently given his father-in-law ammo to continue the custody battle with, and it seemingly weighs the odds against Crawford. That angered me, because Crawford was so obviously a good father, a man who loved his child deeply. It seemed unfair that simply because his father-in-law disliked him, and always had, he should lose his child and be made to look reckless and dangerous to his own child.

But the good aftermath was the romance that grew out of that shooting with Holly. It's something neither of them asked for, or expected and could hurt them both since she was the judge overseeing the custody case. But the romance was there, rocky as it was at the beginning, and it sizzled. I was surprised by how hot the scenes between Crawford and Holly got; I guess my friends forgot to mention that when praising this author to me. Not that I'm complaining. I can now say this novel has a beautiful balance between suspense and romance and I love well balanced and developed novels. This makes the mark in a big way.

I won't say how the novel ended up, expect happily. Anything else would be spoiling things for you, so if you're interested in trying out this author, I'd say to pick and novel and dive in because they are all stand alones, which is a refreshing change to this reader.

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