Review: Deadline by Sandra Brown

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My library currently has a lot of Sandra Brown novels checked in on OverDrive, so I decided to pick up one immediately after I finished listening to a Sandra Brown novel. She certainly knows how to write a good story with steaming romance and I like that a lot!

My Rating: 4.5 ❀'s
Genre: Romantic Suspense
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I have to say, I was immediately drawn into this story as Dawson was a very compelling character. I found it interesting that he was a journalist just back from Afghanistan. He struck me as burned out and his family's concern intensified that for me. Being thrown immediately into the story of Jeremy and Amelia kept me hooked as I found Amelia's situation--a divorced mother of a former soldier who suffered from PTSD who had met a grisly end--very compelling as well. The connection between Amelia and Dawson through Jeremy, the subject of Dawson's latest story, was interesting and kept me hooked.

And then the action started and the more happened, the more the story unfolded and I love the way Sandra Brown weaves her story. It's beautifully crafted, bits from Dawson, bits from Amelia and other characters and each builds and builds into this focused plot that is tightly woven and I just can't put the book down. Truly amazing writing in my opinion.

The villains in this story were the kind that get under your skin gently. I hated Carl, I felt sorry for Flora but found her equally easy to dislike because she was so weak, and Jeremy was just pitiful. I didn't expect to encounter these characters in the way that I did--Sandra Brown knows how to turn a plot twist and I was glad that no harm came to the characters I loved--though I won't say who. No spoilers here. The last plot twist at the end threw me and I loved that too.

A great novel, full of suspense, with compelling characters, plot twists and a slow burn romance. I can't ask for more when it's a well written as this one.

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