Review: Paper and Fire by Rachel Caine

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I waited for the release of this novel, and I was able to snatch up the last copy in my bookstore a day after its release. This series is imaginative and smart and I couldn't wait to get back to it. I also can't believe where it's headed and cannot wait to find out what will happen in book three!

Series: The Great Library, #2
My Rating: ❀'s
Genre: Fantasy 

I remember thinking when I read the first the novel in this series, Ink and Bone, that the Library was corrupt and had to fall. And the events of this novel only make me its fall to happen sooner rather than later. Our heroes have become rebels and God only knows what the next novel holds for them because very little seemed to go their way in this novel. If I thought that the future held little promise for them before, I'm even more worried now because they are headed right into the lion's den. Or perhaps, into the heart of freedom itself.

This novel was every bit as action packed as the first, more terrifying in many respects, and the bonds of friendship were just as strong, but laced with hurt and betrayal in some cases, though loyalty to one another and forgiveness seems to prevail. They are all in danger, having left family and freedom behind them to pursue change in the Library and in the world itself. What they uncover about the Black Archives and what happens as a result of that means they can never go back, that the rebellion is now and they are right in the center of it. I have to say, I'm afraid for all of them. And, proud that people brave enough exist to stand up against such corruption and evil. I can't help but think that the Library is evil now.

This novel terrified me in a lot of ways, imagining that such a world could exist, seeing the characters learn more about it, being disillusioned and angry about it, and yet being afraid of the change that they knew had to come about, all of it had me enthralled and worried. The ending was something of a shock and I hope that our heroes continue to be brave and smart. I'm on pins and needles till the next novel is released.

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