Review: Morrigan's Cross by Nora Roberts

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I added this novel to my TBR list a couple or three years ago. Something like that. And I recently decided it was time to read it. And I was impressed. Nora Roberts has been a hit and miss with me, and I hoped this one would be a hit, and it was certainly was.

Series: The Circle Trilogy, #1
My Rating: 's
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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I don't usually give five stars to novels that are this slow to start, but then I'm often thinking that writing ought be more polished, more eloquently crafted, so I decided that the five stars were well earned. The writing is beautiful. Period. The story will arc over the three novels in this trilogy, so although it is slow to start, it's the groundwork is now solidly laid and I admire how methodically that was done, even if it was a bit repetitive at times. The characters are well developed and I like each of them, even Blair who was introduced very late in this story. I'm invested.

And the romance. Well, it's not hot and heavy, but there's passion between Hoyt and Glenna, and I like the way they interact. They're both powerful when it comes to magic, and I liked how they made each other stronger. The romance in this story is a slow burn, and although it's not a fiery passion, it's a quiet one and I liked the way played out.

I think the next novels will be more action packed. It's just my impression, but if Lilith is so evil, and they are supposed to fighting to save the world, then I think they have to be. And I'm looking forward to that because when the action did ramp up in this novel, I was gripped. A strong start to this series, I can't wait to read more.

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